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Leveraging the power of Texas employers to drive improvements in health care
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Hundreds of employers and coalitions across Texas have found solutions to their employee health benefits challenges through the Texas Business Group on Health. Isn't it time YOU were one of them?

Solutions Texas Business Group on Health provides

  • Access to cutting edge benefits information
  • Premier educational programs and workshops
  • Valuable connections with benefits professionals at other Texas employers
  • Updates on legislation that affects your benefits design
  • Pharmacy group purchasing program to reduce you Rx costs

About TBGH Membership

  • Corporate Non-Healthcare companies
      Provide health benefits for employees
      Have voting privileges and drive the activity of the organization
      Annual dues:
    0-1000 employees = $500
    1001+ employees = $800
  • Allied Organizations
      Provide, sell, administer, underwrite or consult on health care services, benefits or insurance
      Have access to Corporate Members and provide advice and support from different stakeholder perspectives
      Annual dues: $1,500
  • Municipalities, ISDs, and Non-profits
      Manage health benefits for city, county or state employees, school districts, or non-profit organizations
      Annual dues: $400


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Educational programs
Legislative advocacy
Provider report cards
Provider/payer quality improvement
Employee empowerment
Group purchasing programs
Membership Fees:
Corporate members $500 (0-1000 employees)
$800 (1001+ employees)
Municipalities, ISDs, non-profits $400
Allied members $1,500
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For questions, call:
Phone: (214) 382-3037 • Fax: (214) 382-3038

TBGH is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization.
Tax ID #76-0382872

TBGH Memberships are fully refundable within 30 days of purchase. TBGH Memberships are transferable at anytime. Click here to view the TBGH Privacy Policy.