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Hundreds of employers and coalitions across Texas have found solutions to their
employee health benefits challenges through the Texas Business Group on Health.
Isn't it time you become one of these?

Leaders of Change in Healthcare

Bringing together leaders and decision makers from a variety of businesses, the Texas Business Group on Health is a regional, employer-sponsored healthcare coalition.
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About Texas Business Group on Health (TBGH)

Founded in 1985, is a non-profit statewide business association dedicated to promoting healthcare innovation, accountability, and value in support of supports a healthy, productive workforce. Members include nearly 200 Texas employers and their regional employer coalitions, including Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health, Houston Business Coalition on Health, and San Antonio Business Group on Health. TBGH serves as a valuable resource for Texas employers in health benefits management and healthcare purchasing issues. TBGH also advocates employer healthcare interests in state legislation and policy development.