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  • National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, this organization has a membership of 90 employer led coalitions across the United States, representing 8,000 employers and 35 million employees and their dependents. NBCH and its members have a common goal of market-based health care reform including improving the value, meaning the quality and cost, of health care provided through employer-sponsored health plans, as well as the health care delivery systems of entire communities. Termed the coalition of coalitions, NBCH represents each community coalition at the national level and serves as a resource, clearinghouse and information center linking all coalitions. As the national voice for Community Health Reform to regions with employers yet to be organized into a collective power. Providing expertise resources and a voice to its member coalition across the country, NBCH is dedicated to making the coalition movement the vehicle for meaningful change in the health care system throughout the United States.
  • LeapFrog Group, the Leapfrog Group’s goal is to initiate breakthroughs in the safety and quality of health care in the US. The Leapfrog Group has just launched a web-survey to gather information from hospitals nationwide about their practices on three hospital patient safety standards. Leapfrog purchasers will share results with enrollees and the general public.
Disease Management
  • Legislative News & Update, As a Texas employer and member of DFWBGH, HBCH or TBGH , you have the opportunity NOW to make a big difference in the value of your company’s health benefits to employees and their families who use these high value benefits.  The ask is for your organization to support the passage of  House Bill 711 in the 88th Texas Legislature that will give employers more negotiating leverage to lower hospital costs and direct employees to high quality, cost efficient healthcare providers and facilities.  Your support is needed in the next several days as this bill is being debated in session.
  • Texas Association of Business, representing companies from the largest multi-national corporations to small businesses in nearly every community of our state, TAB works to improve the Texas business climate and to help make our state’s economy the strongest in the world.
  • Texas Health Facts-The Center for Health Statistics (CHS) provides comprehensive health data for Texas. Popular features such as Texas Health Facts (“County Fact Sheets”), the Texas Health Data query system and all Texas workforce information from the Health Professions Resource Center, as well as a variety of on-line reports published by CHS. The newest addition to these is the Vital Statistics Annual Report tables.